World Peace ~ Would You Give Your Free Will for It?

Keshe Is Potentially Far Worse Than Hitler

Heil Keshe

Heil Keshe?

By now you’ve probably heard about Mehran Keshe’s free energy technology and devices.  Let’s assume that Keshe’s free energy works and say that this is a good thing.  And now let’s place that aside and focus on the

megalomaniacal aspects of the Keshe Foundation “Peace Roadmap”,

which I’ve included at the end of my commentary [Cliff notes in orange].  Here’s a snippet that I hope will inspire you to read the rest, as it could be as important to the world as Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

I accept no deviation and no negotiation, but only the path which has been set above. 

The change has to come from within, because if I force it, then it will be harsh and unbearable for every man.

No, I don’t fear him and neither should you, since we are well stabilized in our positive New Earth; for that reason, I have no doubt that he will not be allowed to implement his desire for total control of Earth and mankind.  However neither ought we to treat him like a savior.


He shows total disregard for the Free Will of the people (the Man he thinks is so far beneath himself), for I call changing our memories to get us to behave as he desires to be a violation of our Free Will.  I hear the real message as, “As long as you respect all my desires and live only as I, the Messiah, stipulate, you may have free will within those bounds.”  I have images of Orwell’s 1984 or Huxley’s Brave New World, and expectation that those bounds would be drawn tighter.

Of equal disturbance is hearing people agree with Keshe that his forced attitudes and actions are a good thing.  I have images of crowds of people raising their arms in, “Heil Hitler!”  To those tending to follow this self-proclaimed messiah, I ask, “Have you ever known an imposed peace to last?”

Here’s where he is lacking in understanding and why I do not fear:

1. Russia already has technology that HAS stopped US weapons on ships in the mideastern region.

2. He seems clueless that we already ARE in New Earth, that mankind, of our Free Will, already IS changing to a consciousness that will not participate in war and other negativities.

3. Our protectors in our Terra military and spaceships hovering nearby, and the guardians of this planet, solar system, galaxy and universe altogether will not allow such technology to enslave us.

You may think that they will not protect us if we do, of our own Free Will, agree to the Space Hitler Man’s enslavement.  See #4.

4. Now, over a third of mankind have ascended in Consciousness, and WE will not allow or even entertain long the notion of enslavement.  We know that in this 5D New Earth WE are creating a free Earth.  We will not stop that vector toward real peace and Love and we will not concede our Freedom to anyone.  There is no one to concede to but Source Itself and no one between us individuals and Source.

Therefore, Keshe’s dark agenda will not go far.


Because of the importance of this topic, I asked Jerry DeGregory to give his perspective of it in a separate article.  He agreed that this is important.  I wanted to first post this piece, including Keshe’s roadmap, below, and then post Jerry’s response.  You may have seen that his was erroneously posted and then removed.  He mistakenly clicked on the wrong button, as I have done a few times.  It will be reposted on Monday, to give you a chance to read the Roadmap, below.

Following is copied from

The Peace Roadmap

On the twenty-first of May 2015, the Keshe Foundation in its weekly workshop announced the beginning of setting up the procedure for establishing the promised WORLD PEACE.

 In this announcement, we explained that the process to achieve global peace will take shape in the coming months through the work of the Keshe Foundation and the release of further new knowledge through the teachings arm of the Foundation, during the daily live-streamed sessions from its Spaceship Institute in Trani, Italy.

 In these teachings during the past months we have taught, and in the coming months we shall continue to teach new scientific criteria and systems that shall open the path for the process of using the new technology for establishing peace.

We shall teach step-by-step procedures that start and bring into action what it takes to achieve the ultimate goal of the Foundation, which is to facilitate and finally enforce World Peace through applications and implications of the use of new technology.

In this paper we are setting the roadmap to achieve this elusive peace amongst men through the collective effort of the citizens of this planet, without relying on any government or path of belief.

In this roadmap, we rely on the total collective efforts of the human race to develop and deliver the technological knowledge to the world public, which takes the need for governments out of the equation, eliminating the need for consent of the present controllers of the human souls.

We totally rely on the maturity of the Man in understanding what has caused the problems of the past, and how it can be overcome.

In this cycle of maturity of Man, we do not depend on any government or faith, but we take into account that Man has matured enough to take responsibility for his own destiny, to be living a correct life and conducting his affairs in line with living in peace amongst other creatures of God on this planet and in deep space.

 Our roadmap is simple and clear; It has taken millions of years for Man to become such a destructive being, as man has seen solutions in everything, by destroying and ending processes, only for him to survive and rule his world, through acts like eating animals, killing fellow men, ending cultures, destroying races or paths of belief, and by this method he has enforced his meager will on defeated entities.

Through the release of new knowledge we have shown that Man can cover every need of his existence without destroying another life or harming another soul, by using and understanding that all forces and energies of the universe are within his reach and command, if he gathers the knowledge and intelligence of how to harvest and use them to support others.

Thus with the release of this new universal science and technology we have been and are taking step by step  the essence of killing and destruction out of the RNA and DNA of the Man, that he does not need to teach his children the mistakes of the past, and hence, for the first time in the life of this creature of the universe, we can introduce the process of obtaining, without needing to resort to the destruction of any other being in the universe.

Even if Man does not stop this ethos of killing and destruction of the essence of this creation of the Earth, now that we are opening the doors of universal science and technology for the Man to travel into deep space and to join the universal community, Man will understand that unknowingly or knowingly he cannot take steps to destroy another being for food or by having false intentions in respect to other creatures of space, and their reaction to protect themselves from being consumed or destroyed, and that this action leads to annihilation of the Man in the open spans of the universe.

In our teachings, we have shown and taught how to make new elements and free plasma, which can release enough energy to be sufficient to produce new materials to satisfy the need for energy and material for man in space, we have shown how to produce energies which can lead to the creation of motion in space, without the destruction of other entities.

The pitfalls of killing have been apparent to the Man, but he has not managed to find a way out of this ever-closed maze of need as a justification for the killings, thus now we need time and new procedures that will make man understand and take action, and put into effect the process of de-killing, as killing has been ingrained in his daily pattern of life for millions of years.

Thus now we guide Man in how to walk away from the habit of killing. Even though this shall not be easy, it needs perseverance and understanding, and a correct path of approach and conduct, and understanding of the working of the universe, and we are here to teach it all.

It is better to start with small steps at a time, that all men can understand and have time to think about the process of peace.

To this effect we are setting the following roadmap for the coming months, and if it fails we have our means to enforce the will of the majority of the race for peaceful co-existence amongst men and other creatures of the universe.

To start, we appoint one peace day per month, starting from June 2015, so that man starts making efforts and thinks about the alternative and correct path.

So it follows:

  • The first day of peace is appointed to be the 21st of June 2015, and this day of peace will as well follow on the 21st of July and August.
  • In September, October and November, there will be two days of peace a month, on the 21st and 22nd of each month.

  • In December 2015 and January and February of 2016, we increase the days of peace to three days a month from the 21st to the 23rd.

  • From 21st of March of 2016, we increase the days of peace to 7 days a month, from the 21st to the 27th of each month for the following three months.

  • From 21st of June 2016, we increase the peace days to 14 days a month, again for three months.

  • From 21st of September 2016, we increase the peace days to 21 days a month, for three months.

  • By 21st of December 2016, we ask and shall enforce peace indefinitely as designated.

We expect to give time to the armies of the world to not even fire a single bullet during these days, not even for training purposes.

We expect to relay the plan for peace process to all sides of wars and conflicts, be it military, terrorist groups, or the opposite side of the same parties.

This process of achieving peace will be shared and delivered by all the members of the Keshe Foundation, its supporters and interested parties, by completing the first space star formation reactors and simultaneously creating the field forces to silence the guns around the world, as we showed this process on Christmas Day of 2014, by using three sets of star formations around the world, one in Germany, one in Canada, and one in Italy, simultaneously coordinated to stop a reactor operation in Italy, as was broadcasted live on the internet, to show our intention and will.

We are teaching this process by making and operating space reactors rapidly in our Spaceship Institute, live on the internet on a daily basis, and soon we will test the first series of these reactors and their effect on a chosen number of satellites, which shall be designated to us by the world military for testing, that we decommission them live on the internet, with world leaders monitoring the process.

Then, as we have mentioned, we will bring to halt the motion of military ships and military crafts, which will be allocated to the Foundation for testing the concept by their respective peace loving nations.

This way, we bring an end to the present unlimited expenditure on tools of war, which makes their present implication by the application of the new technology obsolete.

By this act, governments are released from ever spending money for tools of war, and so they can make these finances of war available for manufacturing the tools and systems for peace and for covering the essential needs of their citizens, like making shelter and food.

We are not confronting governments, but setting the scene to show that the current military and defense technologies are out of date, and that there is no need for their renewal or any further expenditure on arms.

We share our space technology with all nations and respectively, if the nations do not accept these tests of the show of the end of arms manufacturing and the end to conflicts, then members and supporters of the Foundation worldwide will choose a satellite for it to be taken out of commission, and we will inform the governments of the intention, to make sure the satellite is not in use during the decommissioning, using the spaceship technology of the Keshe Foundation.

With this gap of three months from 21st of June 2015 to September of 2015, we give governments themselves a chance to start the process of re-allocation of the works of military factories and arms producing companies to the production of new systems of the new technology for peace, so that jobs can be preserved.

With this roadmap, we call upon all Keshe Foundation supporters to allow all national leaders and spiritual leaders of your communities and as many citizens to be aware of our intention to start the peace process, starting from the 21st of June of 2015.

If within the first three months we do not see any movement with this process amongst the world leaders, we will begin the process of showing the power of the technology and our wish to start the process of peace, as one nation, one planet, and one Keshe Foundation family.

In this process of enforcing peace, we shall not harm anyone or any soul, we shall not cause any structural damage or any physical or financial losses to any nation. But we will stop warships on the high seas, and decommission fighter planes of all nations on the runways, we will erase the memory of so called men of arms, that they shall not remember why they are carrying arms and what they were fighting for. 

This time around [underline mine ~ rp], there shall be no punishment for anyone, but only progressive development and release of more technologies to be available, that the old ways become obsolete.

In this manner, more and more new knowledge, science and technologies shall be released into the public domain through daily teachings at the Spaceship Institute, that these actions force the disarmament and the unity of Man, and the end to all wars.

 These advancements in technology as has been shown are in:

  • CO2 capture

  • Health systems

  • The star formation systems for creation of lift and motion

  • Production of water units

  • Creation of low power through the use of Gans and nano-layers.

We welcome everyone to support this move, and if need be we shall show the Man that out of fear of loss he shall agree and connect and erase the ethos of war from the memory bank of his brain.

We have the technology to do this, we have shown its work over the past ten years, now we are ready to use it to start the process of the roadmap for achieving peace.

We invite political and religious leaders to join us to achieve this goal, because if we take this step, then there is no need for either, as they have failed the Man in the past.

I am resolute as the Founder of the Keshe Foundation to see this process through, as shown in the past we let governments be divided between peace and war, and now we let the citizens of the planet take their future in their own hands, and let them take their position in the universal community as peace-loving creatures, by changing their old ethos.

With this process, we will bring an end to the old system of section leadership as presidents and kings, and we will bring and end to the religious structure to abuse.

I have put an end to the process of religion and religious abuse in the name of God, and I have abolished the process of using the name of God to abuse and force abuse of the Man.

With this roadmap of peace, I declare the new cycle for the Men of the Earth, and with this cycle of peace, with trust in ones soul and action, that the new promise of unity becomes reality, as I have the knowledge and elements of the universe at my disposal, to bring the peace to this planet in my time.

I accept no deviation and no negotiation, but only the path which has been set above. 

The change has to come from within, because if I force it, then it will be harsh and unbearable for every man.

I call upon the world leaders with this open letter to start the talks for the universal disarmament of all armies, and I give assurance that I shall see that no man will harm others, if need be.

I take no position in this process, except the monitoring of the process for Man to achieve this peace through correct transition.

I have all that the universe has to offer at my disposal, to bring about the change, but it is in the hand of the Man to start the process, so that I can assist.

In My Name I will act, and In My Name I shall succeed, if needs be, single-handedly.

My aim to achieve peace in the appointed time is my wish and my command, and shall not be diverted from.

I call for all men of peace to come together to see the beginning of the most beautiful time for Man, on this broken wing of this endangered bird called Earth, flying through the space of the universe.


(even though some would like to call it the Messiah)




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  1. Reblogged this on Intuitive Voyage and commented:
    I ran across this Foundation recently. I’d be totally hyped about the possibility of Free Energy. Yet, it seems to be coming at a cost. Basic web searching has proved that this is in fact on the website of the same Foundation offering Free Energy. Yet, when I read this article I intuitively felt that this was not from someone who had the power to do the things listed. This is a test of Humanity. Testing our wisdom factor.

    Due to this article, I more highly think that this is a semi-hoax. The technology for free energy is out there, but it might not be connected to the Keshe Foundation.

    I want World Peace, but Rosalie is right about it needing to occur naturally and not be forced.

    If the Foundation has the ability to use the technology listed. I would only temporary use it to Safely get the Cabal into Prison (on an a friendly Space Ship), so that the French Revolution repeat doesn’t occur with Disclosure.

    After Humanity has settled down, and agreed to talking over what to do with the Cabal rationally. Such technology should be turned off. It should only be used to prevent World War.

    If this technology were to be used for anything other then emergency, it would be a violation of Free Will. I am thinking of extreme cases where society sees no problem putting someone suffering from a dangerous psychosis in a straight jacket. Is a straight jacket evil, if misused it certainly is. Yet, the point is to remove the straight jacket and allow a person freedom once the psychosis is over.


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